Consulting division

Led by a group of expert consultants, i-Fihn Consulting focuses on two objectives:

  • Optimize operational and financial processes
  • To systematically search for sources of profitability linked to this optimization

Assisting our clients in their strategic and organizational choices requires continuous support from the Consulting team, a perfect knowledge of the client’s business, an acute sense of discretion and a respect for ethics.

In order to carry out its mission, this division proposes a two-step approach: the first step, called “framing”, consists of precisely defining the objectives and the preferred method for achieving them; the second step is devoted to providing a dedicated team with the recommended resources to successfully achieve the goals initially set.

Aware of the sensitivity of the cases entrusted to us, we are very careful to respect a principle of neutrality. Thus, our arguments and analyses of our clients’ problems are clear, detailed and objective. Our goal is to give them the means to make their decisions.