Clearing & Compensation

The growth of OTC markets combined with the latest financial crises have given rise to new forms of centralized risk management and new regulations.
new forms of centralized risk management and new regulations.

These developments have repositioned clearing houses at the center of financial systems due to
the importance of their role in risk reduction and default management.

Following the decisions of the G20 and its implementation in Europe within the EMIR standard, financial institutions have been forced to adapt to the new clearing rules.

At the same time, the clearing houses have reviewed their risk management methodology and the calculation of coverage margins, whose models are increasingly complex and opaque for members.

i-Fihn Consulting Support

Our expertise acquired within the Paris Stock Exchange and with the International Clearing Houses combined with our specialization in our specialization in Risk Management, allows us to provide you with customized and simplified solutions.
Led by experts in clearing issues, our division aims to promote the rules and best practices of clearing and risk management rules and practices in an optimal manner in order to assist you in their implementation.

Our line of action is based on 3 areas of expertise:

  • Knowledge of Clearing Houses
  • Mastery of business and information system methodological issues
  • Anticipation

We intervene on missions:

  • Audit & Recommendations
  • Organizational
  • Regulatory (EMIR, impacts following Brexit)
  • Calculative internal organization: optimization of existing processes, replication & explanation of the calculations of the various margin calls
  • Internal and external reporting (to group entities or regulator)
  • IT
  • Audit
  • Best Practice